The Saint James Ways is one of the most significant examples of co-operation and exchange of experiences across Europe. Every year thousands of pilgrims from all over the world follow the Saint James Ways, each with their own motivations. The Saint James Ways have been recognized as the first European itinerary by the European Institute of Cultural Routes and listed as world heritage by the UNESCO.

Taking into account the success achieved by the Saint James Ways modernising the tools devoted to them and working on the use of the new technologies that enhance the experience of the visitors become essential. Especially as the new travellers are often connected (smartphones, tablets…) and wish to receive easy, fast and precise information.

The Fédération Européenne des Chemins de Saint Jacques has initiated the "Creative Loci Iacobi" project. This project meets the demand of the new travellers since it is planning the promotion and enhancement of the Saint James Ways by means of the new technologies, proposing clear and practical information for potential visitors. The project will allow tourists to collect up-to-date information about the tourist and cultural aspects of the route as well as to enhance their experience by means of the new technologies. It will also allow to attract new visitors and to position the route as a genuine transnational tourist product.


- Strengthen international co-operation regarding the Saint James Ways;
- Encourage the development of new technologies for Saint James travellers (interactive products, 3D experiences, immersive contents…);
- Enhance the tourist experience of travellers by improving the access to information and the understanding of complementary resources (cultural, natural and historical) through ICT and letting them make their own practice;
- Raise awareness about the protection and sustainability of the cultural heritage of the participating countries;
- Improve the security of pilgrims thanks to georeferenced maps allowing them to find their way even when signs are missing;
- Foster synergies between the tourist and creative industries;
- Expand the network of route variants;
- Position the Saint James Ways as a tourist product, adapting and updating the offers and services;
- Boost the offer of new services around the Saint James Ways: booking of accommodation, purchase of complementary services, and such;
- Continue the update and develop the products created for the project thanks to existing and future technologies.


- Turismo de Galicia (Spain)
- Fédération Européenne des Chemins de Saint Jacques (France)
- Association of municipalities of St. James ways in Lithuania (Lithuania)
- Malvado Sound Lab S.L. (Spain)
- Fédération du Tourisme de la Province de Namur (Belgium)
- Municipio de Vila Pouca de Aguiar (Portugal)
Kujawsko-Pomorskie (Poland)
- Xoia Software Development (Spain)
The European Saint James Ways Federation represents the rest of its members (France, Italy, Netherlands). So it will be possible to extend the results of the project to the other partnering countries of the European Federation.


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