Lazdijai Regional Museum

Address. Seinų st. 29, Lazdijai, phone +370 318 52 726,

The first museum in Dzūkija in Lazdijai was founded in 1924 by Motiejus Gustaitis (director of Gymnasium, priest and educator in the premises of Žiburys Gymnasium.

In 1936, after the Gymnasium became state-owned, the museum was abandoned.

From 1974 the building of former Gymnasium hosted the Museum of a famous Lithuanian poetess Salomėja Nėris.

In 1995, after renovation of the big Žiburys Gymnasium building, Lazdijai History, Culture and Education Museum was founded here.

In 2004, following the resolution of Lazdijai Region Board, the museum was renamed into Lazdijai Regional Museum. It covers five divisions.

In former Žiburys Gymnasium in Lazdijai region, museum is established for poetess Salomėja Nėris (1904–1945) memorial. Poetess came to Lazdijai as “exile of love” and worked here from 1928 till 1931. She was teaching German language in gymnasium. She lived in a room which looked like coffin. In Lazdijai Salomėja Nėris wrote poem collection called “Footmark in sand“.

Lazdijai education history – exposition dedicated to top educationists of Lazdijai region, former Žiburys Gymnasium schoolchildren, poets, scientists, important cultural personages. In here you can see different age course books, teaching programs, didactic material. In exposition “Old gymnasium schoolroom” visitors can learn education history. There you can familiarise with old schooling tools, sit in old school desks, test your writing skills with goose-quill pen.

The museum exhibition halls host exhibitions of artworks, folk art, regional studies, musical and literature celebrations.

Lazdijai Regional Museum