Kelmė District Municipality

Kelmė district municipality is located in the South-Western part of Šiauliai county, the center of which is Kelmė. Kelmė town establishment data is stored in 1484, when the first church was built. Since the 15th century mentions Kelmė estate. In 1591 Jonas Gruževskis bought Kelmė estate with a cattery. Gruževskiai family ruled this management for more than 300 years.

In the municipality there are 3 cities - Kelmė, Tytuvėnai, Užventis, 6 townships - Karklėnai, Kražiai, Lioliai, Pašilė, Šaukėnai and Žalpiai.

Kelmė district, being on the historical Via Hanza road, attracts visitors to its diverse countryside: the beautiful Dubysa, Venta and other river mouths, pure lakes, and many heritage objects.

Kelmė district municipality covers 1705 km² (20% of the county's area). In Kelme district there are Kelmė, Kelmė districts, Kražiai, Kukaidai, Lioliai, Pakražantas, Šaukėnai, Tytuvėnai districts, Tytuvėnai, Užventis, Vaiguva subdistricts.

There are even 7 preserves in the district (Silvicultural geomorphologic, Šatrijos countryside, etc.) and 4 regional parks (Tytuvėnai, Kurtuvėnai, Dubysos, Varniai). Through the territory flows Dubysa and Venta with tributaries. There are  57 lakes in this area (the largest ones are Gauštvinis, Gludas, Bridvaišis, Karklenai), 10 ponds (Aunuvėnai, Kentrių, Pašiaušiai). The largest forests are Vainagiai, Patumšiai, Padubisis, Tytuvėnai. About 10 parks are counted. The most famous of them is Pagryžuvis Park. Agricultural land makes up 56.9%, forests - 28.4%, roads - 1.6%, built up area - 1.9%, waters - 2.4%, other land - 8.8%.

Kelmė district dunicipality transport system forms the following main modes of transport: road transport, railways. There are also aerodromes in the Kelmė district municipality (in the areas of Vaiguva, Mockaičiai and Lioliai). Kelmė falls into the northern edge of the Šiauliai urban plot. The city of Kelmė is located near the Via Hansa road - the highway A12 Riga-Šiauliai-Tauragė-Kaliningrad. Distance from the city center to the road Vilnius-Klaipėda - 23 km, to Šiauliai - 42 km.

Kelmė district municipality in 2011 The Department of Statistics comprised 1722 km of local roads, of which only 9% were with improved road pavement. Railways Tytuvėnai Railway Station, Radviliškis District Station Station, Directorate of Freight Transportation at JSC "Lietuvos geležinkeliai" in Kelmė District Municipality. The south-eastern part of the district (for Tytuvėnai - from 29 km to 1 km to 45 km 1). The area crosses the 16 km stretch of Radviliškis-Pagėgiai railway (from 1 km to 143 km). Various cargoes are transported: crushed stone, timber, construction materials, mineral fertilizers, liquid fuel.