Gintarai hillfort-manor site

Gintarai hillfort, called by locals Cherry hill, is dated back to I-VI centuries. It is highly eroded by plows.

Here stood Kartena manor with three ponds and water mill in XVI century, but manor burned down during the wars with the Swedes in XVII century.

Story tells that Kartena lord liked cherries very much so he planted a large garden. After manor burned down, garden remained and each sring decorated hill with white blossom.

Another legend tells that after Swedes attacked, beauty lord's daughter hidden in treasure basement and survived buried under the ruins of the manor. She can be set free only once in 300 years.

On top of a hillfort is composition. Huge boulders arranged in a circle and on the very center of the largest stands a monument. Near monument is a small altar with round hole.

Gintarai hillfort-manor site